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Service and Technical Support

Sujing has a history of more than 50 years since its establishment. It has a user base of more than 10,000 sets of industrial gas equipment at home and abroad. It has formed a more scientific, fast, efficient and high-quality service system in terms of after-sales service. The following aspects:

Pre-sale service and technical support

Check with the buyer on the technical requirement and scope of supply
Provide the technical proposal as per the buyer's technical requirement
Explain patiently the queries from the buyer; adjust the technical proposal as per the buyer’s comments; sign the technical agreement

In-sale service and technical support

Mechanical and electrical design as per the technical agreement; provide the related technical documents
Assist on the buyer on the onsite positioning and general arrangement
Report timely the production progress

After sales service and technical support

Provide on-site installation guidance and commissioning services, as well as training services for the buyer's equipment repair and maintenance personnel
Fulfill the warranty obligation
Establish user after-sales service files, and organize special personnel to conduct telephone and on-site return visit services

System lifetime service

Provide freely the remote technical consultation and service
Ensure the spare parts supply during the service life of the equipment

Other service

As the key project of ours, you will enjoy the priority service during our Quality Promotion Program
As the typical project of ours, you will enjoy our full service all the time
We will provide the user, as per the exact requirement, the optimal proposal and solution for the industrial protective gas station, including the upgrading and design of the gas station, technical consultation and service, etc.

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